Photography & Natural History in the Galápagos Islands

A few times each year we offer special Photo Tours with an added emphasis on creating magical imagery. These programs are the same as our 11 or 15 days routings, but we’re sure to have a professional Galapagos photographer on board to provide insights and guidance to those keen on recording unique images while in the islands. 

Your photographer-guide will ensure you enjoy ideal conditions for quality photographs – making it ashore at sunrise, and being there as the sun sets (coinciding with peak animal activity).  They will be sure that you’re not rushed down a trails – giving you the time to plan to set up and create your images.

Not forgetting underwater photography opportunities, there are again 1 or 2 snorkeling sessions most days – just as on our regular Natural History Workshops. 

Who are your Galapagos photography mentors?

We’ve worked closely with both Tui de Roy and Daniel Fitter over the years.  Both are Galapagos natives and both have published books highlighting their work.  Daniel continues to focus his work in Galapagos (he’s also a licensed naturalist guide), while Tui roams the world, capturing images from the Seychelles to New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic islands.

How technical is this trip?

Our photography experts are there to ensure you are exposed to opportunities that allow you to create the imagery you’vee been dreaming of (within park regulations). They will share their insights and ideas. They will inspire by example. They are not there however to teach anyone how to use a camera.  Sure, they can help, but these should not be viewed as technical workshops. Nightly lectures will focus on conservation and the natural history of the islands, rather than f-stops and apertures. 

My partner loves photography… me?  Not that much.  Is this trip a good idea for us?

It should be mentioned that our Photo Tours are just that – tours – as opposed to technical photography trips. Because we have two leaders on the ship, they can ensure that everyone, both photographers and non-photographers has their Galapagos expectations met.

I’m a solo traveller – can you accommodate me at a reasonable price?

Yes!  Our ship will host a maximum of 16 guests yet has 10 double cabins.  This gives us a certain flexibility regarding solo guest pricing.   We can accommodate two solo travellers at prices just a bit above the usual shared accommodation price – but on a first come first served basis only. 

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Words cannot express my gratitude to you for organising such a wonderful trip.  Every aspect has been pleasureable and memorable and if ever you or your company need a recommendation please let me know.   

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