We've complied a list of "must read" books and articles on the Galapagos Islands.
From the high Andes to the Amazon, and more specifically to Galapagos - what to bring, and how to tip. These are guidelines / recommendations.
If you start looking into the details, travel insurance can be pretty complicated. Are you getting the right coverage? Enough of it? We've assembled this short guide designed to help you understand what it's all about.
Galapagos is a photographer's paradise. Amateur or professional, it's worth learning a bit from those who've been there before you. CNH Tours has gathered their advice in a succinct "14-point" list of recommendations.
When can you see sea lion pups? When is the best time to marvel at the waved albatross courtship displays? This calendar gives you a general indication, on a month by month basis, of what to expect and where to expect it. There's one caveat: Not all willdife respect the calendar. Some are more oppotunistic than others and will change their behaviour according to the climate and sea conditions.
Galapagos is a marvel-filled place for children. Imagine a place where the weather is nice, the sea is always at hand, people are “child friendly”, and animals have no fear!
Our old acquaintance, and arguably the most invested naturalist guide in Galapagos (since the 1980's) Greg Estes, and his wife Thalia Grant (who spent many childhood summers on Daphne Major in Galapagos), with her father, the famous Galapagos finch expert, Peter Grant did meticulous research to establish, as precisely as possible, where in Galapagos Charles Darwin set foot, back in 1835. This interesting article will help you retrace his steps while on your visit there.
Puerto Ayora was my hometown for 4 years. When you live in a small town, on a small island, you quickly get to know just about all the things to do on a weekend. In drawing up this list, frankly, I had to stretch to reach 10! Here is a list of what I consider are some of the most interesting, quirky, refreshing things you can do on a lazy day in Puerto Ayora.
How on earth are the Galapagos expedition ship classes determined? What's the difference between them in terms of prices, comfort, amenities? All you ever wanted to know, and more.
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