The Ocean Safari on the 16 passenger luxury expedition ship, Integrity, will take you around the archipelago, following superior itineraries*, while offering a very comfortable on-board experience.   As is the case for all of our CNH Tours custom trips, the priority focus is on getting the absolute most of what Galapagos is all about.  If you are keen on exploring Galapagos, both above and below the sea, our Ocean Safari will deliver.   

While there are several other very comfortable ships plying Galapagos waters, there is a tendency among ships of that class to focus a little too much on spending time aboard at the expense of making the most of your time off the ship.  On the Ocean Safari, our guests are not averse to getting up at the break of dawn from time to time to be sure to catch early morning wildlife displays at their most expressive and also when the lighting is ideal for photography.   We'll also be sure to let you enjoy your snorkel for as long as you like.  

Some highlights that make this trip unique:

  • What we believe are among the best Galapagos National Park Certified Naturalist Guides that can be found - this is the most critical component to any Galapagos cruise.   The naturalist guides for this charter go out of their way to ensure you have the best possible opportunities to know Galapagos.
  • One of the lowest guide-guest ratio in Galapagos (2 naturalist guides on board) ensuring you have excellent access to the person who will help you appreciate, experience, discover and understand Galapagos.   
  • A small group environment on a perfectly suited, well managed and understated 16 passenger ship
  • Many opportunities to explore below the waves:  The Galapagos Marine Reserve was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 for good reason!  Our guides will take you into the water as often as possible to marvel at the wonderful underwater life.
  • Eight sea kayaks on board to give you the chance to explore quiet coves and bays - there is no better way to spot sea turtles, reef sharks and other coastal/mangrove ecosystem wildlife.
  • An option to spend extra land-based time in Galapagos giving you some personal time to do your own exploring, and an option for a full day trip in Quito (another World Heritage site) to appreciate what is commonly considered to be  the most beautiful historic urban centre in all of South America.
  • A professional and attentive crew, ensuring that all your minor concerns are attended to in a cordial and discrete fashion, providing wonderful meals and a helping hand whenever you need one.                     

Am I Fit Enough?

The Ocean Safari will give you greater opportunities to hike, kayak and swim than with most other Galapagos cruise experiences.  Despite the focus on fitness, you don't have to be an olympian to join us.  The most strenuous of activities consist of moderate 2 hour hikes (interspersed with several nature observation stops), with little elevational gain.  In all cases, activities are optional and should you decide to relax on the ship while the party is out hiking, kayaking or snorkelling, you will be free to do so.  When possible, alternative activities are arranged. 

(PLEASE NOTE: As is the case for all Galapagos cruises, we will be out of reach of immediate medical attention during most of the time at sea. The main town of Puerto Ayora has a basic hospital, and better medical attention is only available on the continent, which can, in some cases, be more than a 24 hour journey back. By joining us on the cruise, you accept this situation and its potential consequences. Should serious medical attention be required, the ship captain will do all that is possible to get a participant to the hospital, or to the airport. The guide is trained in first aid.)

Who Will Be My Travel Companions?

It's anybody's guess, but our experience has shown that our custom trips usually attract dynamic and inquisitive individuals from a variety of backgrounds sharing a common state of mind.  They are interested in the natural world, eager to get exposed to new experiences, and keen on making the absolute most out of their time in Galapagos.  Some may be accompanied by their adolescent and adult children.  A representative sample might include a hospital administrator from the Canadian arctic, retired university professors, their spouses, friends from the UK, a physiotherapist from Alaska, a computer specialist from Silicon Valley, local entrepreneurs/business people...  

* Integrity's itineraries have you experience a number of visitor sites / a number of different islands that is above the average for an 8 day cruise.  Also, the itinerary is very efficient, with no back-tracking, ensuring you spend more time at visitor sites and less time underway.  


Just a quick email, can’t type much on my mobile. The trip was beyond tremendous, stupendous, fantabulous—&certainly one of the highest of the highs was Juan!!! Everyone from the old man (me), to the youngest, our daughter Jacquie, loved him. We could not imagine a better guide, but I guess I’m not telling u anything u don’t already know. 

Thanks so much for getting him for us!!

Joel and Susan


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